I currently have a [30 GB Ultra-ATA/66] and I was wondering if I'll have any problems upgrading to a [250 GB Ultra-ATA/100].

I'm not familiar with hard drives, but as far as memory goes, I understand that type of memory is dependant on the memory speed (e.g. PC133). I was wondering if hard drives followed the same principal.

System Confirugation Dell 4100 (year 2000)

Thanks for your help,


FYI, the link you provided does not link to anything useful since it is most likely a page generated for you using information that you submitted to the site.

I believe that you have a Dell Dimension 4100 which has an Intel 815E chipset. If this is the case for your system, it can support ATA/100 drives.

For more information about ATA compatibilities, see Seagate's FAQ on the topic.


Yeah, I realized my link error after the fact.

I just went to the Intel site and found my motherboard's specs. I didn't know enough to realize ATA/100 compatibility would be listed. Thanks for the link though.


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