Hello All,

My external hard disk(WD) of 1TB was fell down from the desk. Now the thing is, when I tried to connect it, I asked for formatting, So, I denied it. Afterward again when I tried to connect it, its getting detected, the white light on HD was blinking, but the partitions are not getting detected. So, in this what can I do?

Most precious is my data and I am worried about it. What can I do? Is Data recovery is Possible by service or Software? and for further how can I save my HD from damage?
Thanking You.

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If you have a PC rather than a laptop you could try connecting it internally.

You could also try running this software on it - http://www.dposoft.net/
The trial version may be able to help you.

Try these software

here is the link


The next one is stellar pheonix also a recovery software but i am not sure whether it can be use in your case. Try the free version is works the same as the paid version except it does not have customer service help. Some trial version does not offer really good help so try to use the free version if there is one

what is the memory of your system?

Hello friends,
Since, I placed my HD for replacement, i think there is no worries now:( because I lost my all data. Somehow, I want to let continue this thread so, others can get benefits of this.
Its silly, but still I want to ask that, How should I can take care of my HD to fall down? Is there any guard/cover is available?

The way I do it is to use a long cable and put my external drive on the floor. That way it can't fall down!

There is a cover to protect your hard disk i have one and in just fit nicely. It is also cheap, you can find it in some hardware or computer shop. Maybe Rik's store, he will give you a discount. Right Rik?

I haven't got anything like that in stock but I do have some nice long USB a to b cables! ;)

Heard of "rugged machines" like the ones they use in the US forces. That's something you would be looking for (I mean a hard drive of that sort) so that even if it falls, it's just ready for a fight back. Do you copy , soldier ?

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