HELLO DaniWeb, it's been a couple years, sorry for that. Anyways,so here's the story.I was attempting to backup a client's SATA HD by hooking it up to my PC, which uses an IDE HD for the master, and after hooking it up it took an usually long time to boot, after several minutes it gave me an error in which it prompted me to run the diagnostic program that comes with Windows 7 Ultimate. I ran the program and all seemed fine after it did its repair thing, I could see my client's files and what not but regrettably I put off backing it up for another time. The next day I booted up the PC and came to find that I could no longer see my client's HD, I rebooted several times but to no avail.

I then re-installed my client's HD back to their PC, powered up and got a "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER TO CONTINUE". So I put in a Vista Ultimate disk, assuming she ran Vista because of the Vista sticker up front, it loaded 'Windows Files', attempted to boot and lo and behold, a blue screen of death giving me a DRIVER NOT LESS OR EQUAL NVSTOR.SYS error, don't have exact error at the moment I'm at a friends house. I've tried everything, the HD is'nt showing up in the BIOS as well, I fear the HD may be bricked, hopefully there is a way to access it without going the $1500 route I heard from a friend. Please help if you have any ideas. I will post exact error when I get home in a few hours.

We will need to get a bit more information. When it is in your PC, does it show up in disk management?

Right-click Computer, select Manage
In Computer Management, select the Disk Management snap-in.

Look to see if it is listed.

Let us know what you find out, and we will continue the Data Recovery process.

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