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well i bought this mobo yesterday. not new but it still has 4 months warentee! it was working just fine in its owner room,he unplugged it and packed it in front of me. i took it home and replaced my previous mobo. whatr next? Three long beeps :/ ram is fine because i tested it again! later i discovered i was using an unsupported processor. then i managed my friends dual core and now what? NOTHING :(

okay another story, i placed the celeron (its not supported due to bus speed) first time i got three beeps and banged my head on the wall for three time and went to check whats funny bussing going on?! i grabbed the processor and "WTF!!" a completely bended pin! with a lot patience and a sharp blade a almost re-alinged it and voilla it broke off :(((((( hit my head on the wall for three times again! placed the processor again! finger crossed...that pin can be one of the ground pin or somthing...but no three beeps again (its still celeron crap) later i brought a dual core,tried this n nothings happening, no boot

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Unplug the power and remove the CR2032 battery for a minute then refit the battery and try it again!

Since you still have a warrenty I would call them up and just say that it broke (pin fell off after you removed the cpu and etc....., and say you took the proper precautions, it was just a loose pin that you had not noticed from before). Because if it is a ground pin or somthing so still dont want to be missing it after your warrenty because it wont be covered if it goes...bye bye....

This is probably a TS issue (Touch Sh!t)... As mah300274 suggested, you might be able to convince the vendor to replace the part under warranty, but you will have to be convincing that you "took proper precautions".

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Yeah, I did so! Its now in com valley's workshop. They took 15 days, looking forward what they gonna figure out and what they gonna say.

first you take the warranty of it!!but i have a not long term solution of this problem!!!...just put a pin on it and cut it into a correct and similar to others...i will assured you that it will work...but to is a is very fast to heat..and it is a possible to a socket

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