Bought a second hand Toshiba laptop and wont boot, keeps on asking for HDD password. Am stuck...

Talk to the person you bought if off perhaps?

If they don't know, was it stolen (especially if you got it really cheap from some guy on the street)?

Actually i bought it from a government office and after i approached them they said the guy who was using it did it deliberately after he realised that he would be fired

We know that you are a legitimate person with a problem of accessing your new computer, but, if we told you how, everyone who reads the reply, that wants to access a machine that they have no right to use will have the same information. Sorry, we will not assist in bypassing passwords.

The government department sells the computers of all the staff that are fired?
Please give me the name of the department so I can put my name down for the next one.

I can give u a suggestion. try this. connect ur hard drive in another pc. then remove the password. like:
1. go to windows>system32>config
2. then delete 'SAM' file

I think ur password will delete after do it.