I am still having the problem. I have run winsockfix, registry fix, and sfc. I have unistalled and reinstalled IE6sp1. I checkfor the msvcrt.dll file and there are two occurances. I renamed one. It won't let me rename the one in Windows\System, it says that Windows was using it. I tried it is safe mode too, same thing. I downloaded a newer version of the file, but of course can't replace the open one.

Most of the time the fault is casued by msvcrt.dll, but sometimes Kernel.

These are the error messages:

EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 016f:bff9db61.
EAX=c0030b68 CS=016f EIP=bff9db61 EFLGS=00010216
EBX=0174ef0c SS=0177 ESP=0170fe0c EBP=017100a8
ECX=00000000 DS=0177 ESI=017101f8 FS=0e87
EDX=bff76855 ES=0177 EDI=0174eef8 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
53 8b 15 e4 9c fc bf 56 89 4d e4 57 89 4d dc 89
Stack dump:

EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in
module MSVCRT.DLL at 016f:780154a7.
EAX=7803a152 CS=016f EIP=780154a7 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00000010 SS=0177 ESP=00f976c0 EBP=00f976d0
ECX=00006fbc DS=0177 ESI=70a76fbc FS=49df
EDX=0fffffff ES=0177 EDI=00f9770a GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
66 8b 04 48 a8 04 74 5b 83 c1 d0 3b cb 73 7b 83
Stack dump:
00f97778 70a741cc 00000000 00000000 00f9772c 7801540c 00f97708 00000000 0000000f 00000000 063d26e8 00f97708 00000000 00000010 00f97798 03eeff28

I have done a complete clean of all temp files and cookies.

I am not getting much input. help?

Any thoughts anyone?


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If you are having problems with a file always being accessed by an unknown process, get WhoLockMe. It will tell you what process has latched into the file. You can then try to kill the process that is locking the file so you can get access to modify or remove the file. A program I haven't tried yet but is supposed to work well is Unlocker. Like WhoLockMe, Unlocker will find processes that are latched into a file. Unlike WhoLockMe, Unlocker allows you to try unlock the file from the processes from the program itself. Give it a try and let us know if it helps you change your MSVCRT.DLL file.

You didn't specify which version of Windows you are running.

I found a few Knowledge Base articles that apply to Windows 98:
Error Message: "Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module Kernel32.dll"
HyperTerminal Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Msvcrt.dll
Error Message After You Install a Microsoft Reader
Error Message: TASKMON Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...
Err Msg: An Unknown Error Has Occurred During Installation
Error Message Typing Address in Address Box or in Open Box
Indications of Virus Infection from the W32/KRIZ Viruses
Invalid Page Fault Opening Control Panel

This KB article refers to most versions of Windows:
You receive an "Invalid page fault" error message when you try to view the contents of a folder or its subfolders by using Thumbnail view in Windows Explorer

This KB article refers to if you are running Symantec's Norton Cleansweep:
Err Msg: Invalid Page Fault in Module Apitrap.dll

Give these articles a try. See if they apply to your system and if they can fix your problems. Let us know what happens.

By the way, you don't need to create a new thread each time you come back to the same problem, you can just add a new reply to your previous thread saying that the problem is still continuing. This will help us out because we won't have to find and read your previous posts to get a full idea of what's going on.

Thanks, I think I can fix it with restore in sfc

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