I have a TDK Velocd 40/12/48x
It will only read retail cds & Burnt cd's with wave formats only.
It will not read burnt cd's with mp3's or data formats. has anyone encountered this & how can i fix it?


Sounds to me like you need to examine the software being used to burn such CDs, and assess if it is doing an adequate job. What software is being used? Are they being burnt in your PC or in another PC? Are the disks readable in a different PC?

Some clarification about precisely what is occurring would help us to help you.

I was using Nero and yes they can be read in other PC's. I'm not trying to burn cd's i cant even read previously burnt cd's. i backed up all my data files....and cant read any of the cd's. As well as my mp3 files. But it will read previously burnt wave files.

Try a different burning program such as Roxio or just use the windows burning program. i have used nero and encounterd many problems with it

just kind of a comment but you really should try a differnt program

hope this helps
-Zach Boyce

i would try to use a different program.... but i havent even gotten to burn anything yet. it wont even read previously burnt cd's.

do you have another cd drive of any sort or if you have a network you can share a cd drive then you can install a different program but also go into the drive's properties and make sure everything is set right

Hope this helps
-Zach Boyce

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