I am going to be setting up dual montors on my pc. Right now I have a video card that is built directly into the motherboard. Is it possible to achieve dual monitors by adding a single input pci graphics card, or would I need to go to a dual head card? I would have to install a low profile card, so I am trying to keep costs down. Thanks


What type of system is it?

Sometimes you can install a PCI card and run the way you're inquiring upon, if you're lucky. In the past 3-4 years, I've tried it on 4-5 mid- to low-end motherboards, and I've only had luck on one. What brand of motherboard do you have?

Your best bet, if possible, might be to get 2 low-profile PCI video cards. If you can find those, you'll probably have better luck.

I am setting this up at a PC at work. Right now I don't have access to the system. I know it is a Dell Optiplex Small Minitower. Not exactly sure of the motherboard. I know that it only has one pci slot, so I guess I should be looking at dual head cards. I know the Matrox makes a low profile dualhead card. I willl try to find out the specifics on the motherboard.

What's the model Optiplex? Dell might have an appropriate dual head card as a recommended spare, if it's a recent system.

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