Hi i just build a pc i follow the my mobo manual and hooked everything right aleast i think i did.So i plug the power cable and my mobo light turns on (green light)then i press the power button and nothing happens the case wont trun on fans dont spin my hd dont make sounds or anything happens.i wonder if i hooked up mu case leds wrong here is how it was setup and how it said how to set it up.


CASE: A-Top XBlade AT859A-BK

Thanks in Advance.

This is a point that you get to where there are one of three possible problems: the power switch is defective, the power switch wasn't hooked up properly, or something completely different. The quick way to decide whether there is a problem with your power switch or if it is something else that is causing the problem is to disconnect all the cables from those pins and carefully short out the two power supply pins with a thin-blade flathead screwdriver. What you do is place the blade on the two pins so that the blade of the screwdriver actually makes the connection. Be very careful that you only touch the screwdriver to those two pins and to nothing else. If you connect the pins and the system starts up, the problem is related to how you connected the switch or the switch is defective. If the system does not power up when you do this, you have a problem somewhere else.

Try doing this and let us know what happens.