My friends computer is giving him some trouble so he asked me to take a look at it. I recently got rid of a virus a month or so back, but now it's messing up again. I turn on the computer, then it just shuts down! It goes to the Microsoft windows xp colored loading screen then just shuts down. It automatically restarts itself and says windows was not properly shut down and tries again. I tried loading in safe mode as well, but the exact same thing happens. If anyone has any tricks or tips to help, it'd be much appreciated.

Thank you

Do a scan with malwarebytes. How do you know this has to do with virus and not other problems?

I guess I wasn't clear in the first post. Sorry!

I'm not saying that this is a virus, just that it could possibly have been related to the virus I got rid of a week or 2 ago. I cannot run anything, the computer does not load. It tries, but just shuts down. I tried loading in safemode, but the computer still just shuts down when it's trying to load. I do not see the desktop background once, it shuts down before that. I can not use the computer at all since it doesn't fully 'turn on'.


Maybe the virus was back or other else might be causing the problem. Try using another spare hard disk ( if you have one or take one from other of your laptop ). Use the hard disk on your laptop and see whether you can start up and use your laptop as normal. If yes, your hard disk is infected, you can either try to clean the hard disk from the virus or do a complete reformat. But make sure you have backup your data first.

Your problem is pretty broad one. So i will suggest you to follow this link


After that, identify what is your main problem and follow the suggestion and try to repair your own laptop. If you cannot you can ask for help but i will need to know what is your main problem. Tell me what is your problem by following the link i posted.

I am having the same problem. I'm 99% sure it's a virus issue. I was recently downloading some files off google for reference and walked away to eat dinner. When I cam back to my computer. All the programs I had running were closed and I had that virus that opens a fake Windows virus software detection. I had seen this on a previous computer so I just shut down the machine right away to try and stop it but ever since then my machine is repeatedly re-starting, loading and re-starting again. I don't know how I could even use a virus program at this point since I can't even get past the loading screen. HELP!!!! I'm using my laptop in the meantime to try and figure this out. :(

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