I have a Intel Core 2 Duo E7600 Wolfdale 3.06GHz 3MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor BX80571E7600
I am looking at a
BIOSTAR P4M890M7SE LGA 775 VIA P4M890 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
My question is do they match will they work together? also do the north and south bridge on the CPU have to be the same as the motherboard?

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hi ,im no expert ,but my google search shows it does not support you processor.and im not sure that a cpu has a north and south bridge, but i dont think it does ,that on the motherboard and if im correct i think one control the cpu and the other controls the cpu ,to technical for me to remember all i have read over the years .

the board here ,click on cpu support and you will no see yours in the list .

here is what i suggest ,go to a local computer retail outlet ,tell them what cpu and ram type you have and see what they have to match it or can get for you to match it, don't buy it but take the info and search online for it

Do as Caperjack says, as it gonna be hard to match the Memory you have with a board you want, when you already have the CPU also.

I did find some, but they said DDR2 and I think you mentioned you have DDR3 memory?

nope ,in the other thread he said he has ddr2 ram

well in the specs for this board
it uses a lga 775 connection a core 2 duo procressor it can support a 1066 FSB witch my processor is can support my type of ram up to 4 GB it sounds like a perfect fit to me but i'm no expert.

thats the same board you mentioned in your first post ,and i searched it and post a link to it specs ,your cpu is not in the list ,i already posted the link that shows your cpu is not listed .it only goes to e6700 2.66 ghz, not e6750 3.06ghz like yours
check it again here ,

Yep that's a goodone caperjack, as it supposrts the 533 ram they have also.

Alway's difficult matching older ramm when you already have the CPU.

Hey thanks with the help I appreciate it. I'm going to go ahead and go with the board you suggested its perfect for what i need and its a great price.

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