I recently put together a pc with an Intel DP35DM motherboard, Core Duo e6750 , 2 gb of 5300 ddr 2 PNY ram, gigabyte 8600 gt video card. It has worked for about a month, until it shut down while in use yesterday. It beeped a couple of times, then powered off. I let it sit overnight. Now when i turn on the power, it beeps 5 short beeps,immediately following with about 9 fast beeps, then repeats same sequence. I get no video, so no other error messages. I removed the jumper to clear cmos, powered on with no error beeps, but still no video.

Please help!

and no, i do not remember what version of the bios is, but again it is an intel dp35dm motherboard.


Have you overclocked the CPU?

Remove your video card and run the onboard video in your system.

No, I have not overclocked. The motherboard does not have onboard video, just audio. I am going to try to call intel and see if they can give me info on the code. The website is less than descriptive.

5 beeps means precessor error
9 beeps means BIOS checksum error... maybe a bad flash?

All should flash the bios using the floppy. Only problem is finding BIOS file for DP35DM model.. Intel doesn't host the BIOS file for that model.

Thank you all for input. I called Intel and the tech support people first said it was an issue with the bios not being updated for the 1333 FSB. This board was originally shipped before the 1333 fsb processors. I did a clear CMOS as instructed. Still nothing. Now I am suppossed to take the parts to be tested at a computer shop.

You should emphasize to the computer shop ppl that they should update BIOS to the newest version, one that supports 1333 MHz FSB. You can't do that with your present CPU, but they can easily put in 800 MHz FSB processor and flash the BIOS.

There is a way to check if the BIOS they flash is for the correct motherboard.
There is a signature while booting in the lower left corner of the screen. It represents motherboard manufacturer code, model and BIOS version.

It is possible that they would use the next closest match, and that is DP35DP. I don't know the difference of the two. It might as well be just the BIOS itself. Intel site doesn't mention DP35DM at all, so I suspect that the computer shop guys might not be able to find the correct BIOS and use the next best thing.

You should be aware if they flash not so exact BIOS, just in case you have further problems with the mobo.