ive got a foxconn internal speaker that im trying to hook up to a foxconn motherboard, and no matter how hard i try i cant get it to work. i live in the middle of nowhere, with not even a store to buy a patch cord from to hook into my stereo amp, so itd be good to have something even if its crap. ive tried all the pins on my motherboard, its a 2 pin connector, not one of the usual 4 pins, and i found where i thought it should plug in but i just cant get it to work, the pins have the red and black coloring around the base of them, could this be a driver thing, or is it hardware, that this speaker is just not compatable?

ok... i just found another speaker, four pin, and tried it... and... NOTHING!!!! AHAHA. No, that wasnt really that funny, but i figured id display my frustration in this. No sound = bad sound :P Would really appreciate help, even if its just a miniscule problem.

The speaker pins on a motherboard located with the power on pins and the HDD indicator pins and the power on pins connect the speaker that beeps on occation but it doesn't make other sounds like music or the windows chimes. You would have to use the front panel audio pins for that if the board has them.

I fixed my patch cord, i just had a disconnected wire in one of my av plugs. I took it apart and fixed it. I still have no frigging sound. Ive checked all my drivers, all my hardware, everything 3 or 4 times over, reinstalled, etc, googled the hell out of it, still no answers. i know its not the amp or the patch because i tested it out with the media player on my samsung omnia. its really starting to agitate me. :(

Ok I am assuming your computer is working with say Windows XP and The device Manager says your sound drivers are properly loaded. No yellow "!" in the device manager right? Have you tried to plug in regular amplified computer speakers into the motherboard green onboard sound hole? Which Foxconn motherboard do you have?

I have had a lot of luck with soundblaster live soundcards the drivers are included with windows xp.