I am a total newbie as far as add in PC cards and the like. My experience with the PC so far is adding additional memory and web surfing, music and pictures, with some minor video. To date I've had little to no luck with games, my 2000 Win ME 700MHz Celeron eMachine lacked the HP to run games these days, and now my new machine (HP-Compaq in question) I find Intel's Extreme Graphics chip built in is not very extreme at all. I went and bought Xtasy's Radeon 9250 card, and even now, feel I paid a bit too much for too little it seems, but will try to function for now on my budget; the card being $100, the computer being $400
What is the procedure to getting the card in and running? It seems my BIOS is already set for PCI priority even though the only card with the machine is the modem one.

I have WinXP SP2 pre installed and one 512K card thus far. How high a match can I go with this PC and is it better to wait to buy a newer machine still before buying a spendy higher end card??
Thanks in advance!!

OK, sorry for the recent rash, I think a Yahoo review I came across, a guy in Vegas reviewed the card I bought, the 9250 as being twice as slow as the 9200 version and that the SE 9200 is the same, so a 'stay away' from was the conclusion, I returned the card and bought a 512MB RAM instead. I am still very interested in the best peripherals for the Compaq in question or am I out in the cold for real expansion with this PC?? I am VERY interested in any thoughts!