:cry: i have installed a wd 100g hd and orginally could not get it to recognize my cd-rom. now i have a message on boot up that reads?:
initializing plug & play cards
card-01 creative vibra16c pnp
card-02 texas instruments inc. tut 33.6 fax line

at this point it freezes ....and have to reboot...
have i lost the drivers for these cards and my cr-rom driver?

any help is welcome.

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What would normally be the next message following the "card-02 texas..." line?

normally it dose not even show this...it would go directly to the screen that boots from the "a" drive....but it acts like it is looking for a driver or an id for these cards...in installation i did unplug the floppy drive...would that lose any link or driver?


Have you connected all cables correctly?
Have you ensured that the 'jumpers' on your drives are configured correctly, as 'Master' or 'Slave' accordingly?
Is the 'Master' drive on each cable attached to the end connector, and the 'Slave' drive connected to the middle connector?

It doesn't sound like a driver issue, it sounds like your system's BIOS POST routine is struggling to identify the drives physically installed in your machine, and is reaching a 'Stop:' error when it cannot find a bootable drive.

i will look into the issue of the physical connections. i did not know that end to end indicated master and in the middle of a cable connection was a slave....let me try this.....

thank you very much,

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