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I am planning on a new system and between the

AMD 4000+ and this


which performs better?

for gaming,video editing, etc.

Im not dead positive on the numbers of benchmarks, but of the two i would go with the 4000+ for 2 reasons...it has the exact same specs only socket 939 vs a socket 940...939 boards are more popular and cheaper...and i know for a fact the 4000+ overclocks like a mother so im sure you could have some fun with it. Another thing to look at is the number of reviews the opteron has no reviews and is $130 more expensive while the 4000+ has more reviews...in all honesty, i believe the main difference is that the opteron is made for servers while the 4000+ is a gaming chip...opteron probably handles really long periods of workloads better but for the money save it for a better graphics card and get the 4000!


Actually, you might that the Opteron is the overclocking king. ;)

Best to look up overclocking websites (such as OCAU here in Australia) for more information on this.

Otherwise, considered dual core lately?

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