Hey all,

I've noticed for the past 6 months that my external drive randomly gets files put onto its root, with very ambiguous names. They're all empty (as in 0 bytes), but it's really weird. Today I noticed a huge accumulation. I have a high technical knowledge, but I was just wondering if any of you have seen this type of thing before, and have any suggestions on what it might be. Additionally, I noticed that these files were also created on an internal drive too, so it's not just my internal now.


Also, that folder that's highlighted has another inside of it called amd64. Both are empty otherwise. I delete them, they get regenerated.

Insight would be appreciated :)

Hi dare599z

temp files in various random locations, are usually caused by badly written programs.

It can be anything from a small simple game, to expensive enterprise software, and it can of cause also be malware of some sort.

If you haven't experienced any weird behavior with your system, I suggest you run a mbam (malwarebytes anti malware) scan, just to be safe, and if nothing is found, just delete the empty temp files as you come across them - or you can set up a "search and delete" script, if you are short on space f.ex. :)

Can be a malware like Jakob said or a trojan. The symptoms you stated sounds very much alike to a trojan. Trojan will move files into random locations and create duplicated files. Run malware bytes. Here is the link. Did anything happen to yout computer like slow start up, frequently freezing or others.