hi, my vista laptop been crashing a lot lately when ive been multi taskingl. it just loses response. the ram is unusually high so i think its the ram but under device manager it seems fine. is it a virus? im lost please help!!

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What is your Ram? 4GB or 8GB? What is your CPU usage? I doubt the ram will cause the problem unless is so high that your laptop cannot take it. Do a scan using Malware bytes to check whether it is a malware problem or not.


Overheating RAM is not an uncommon problem. You need to monitor the temperature, if you can. I don't know about Windows Vista capabilities in that regard. I use a free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Scientific Linux) 6 that has full support for system thermal sensors. Using that, I found that under load one of my memory sticks was overheating and subsequently taken out of service by the operating system. By re-arranging how I had them plugged into the motherboard (getting better airflow), I was able to reduce the temperature by 25-30C, eliminating the need (and co$t) to replace the RAM.


Check the laptop cooling fan and use 1 RAM at a time.

F8 key when laptop first boot and select Last Known Good Config from boot menu will help to run the last working profile.

Hope this helps!
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