Okay, I've had this problem with my floppy disk drive for probably a year now. When I open the Drive A folder, the contents on the disk would show and I could view/cut/copy/paste/edit.. etc. BUT when I would close the folder, take the disk out, put another one in and re-open the folder, the contents of the last disk would still show. :-|

Refreshing would not work. I had to restart. When I would access the folder from an Open, Import or Upload dialog box, it will do right half the time. But when accessing it from 'Start', 'My Computer' and 'Drive A' it would always have that problem. :confused:

And now, since the last 24 hours, even after restarting and shutting down my computer completely it shows the contents of the same disk. :(

Could someone please help me? Is it my drive? Or my OS? :?:

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Try booting to a DOS CD, like a Windows 98 install disc, if you have one. Using DOS commands, change over to the drive letter A: (it may be B: if it's a Windows 98 install disc). From there, type DIR, and then see what it lists. Swap disks, and then do the same thing. If the contents are listed as different, at least you know your drive is good, and that it's an OS issue.


I don't have a DOS CD, I can ask my brother-in-law if he has one. In the meantime, are there any other ways to determine if the problem is from the drive or my OS?

I will definitely try to do what you said, though. It will just take a bit longer.. but I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks!

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