Hi there people,

I'm looking to build a system that will be primarily used for what is effectively P2P filesharing, via FileZilla. Also I want to be able to share the items stored on it via a LAN. Build budget of as cheap as chips.( and don't mind using older components.)

I have an old IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® Processor T3400

Can I use this and overclock? I have read that Laptop processors, having been designed with lower power usage and lower thermal outputs can overclock quite nicely.
Or would it be better to use an older, single core CPU from the GHZ war?
OR OR use one of the newer multi Cores?

Then also what components do I not want to scrimp on due to bottlnecking my bandwidth?
I also will want a HDMI output on this.

I'm open to all suggestions and opinions.


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with respect to processor, go with the multi Cores. they are faster and they generate less heat.

Second thing, try not to use P2P sharing that often. Your computer will be vulnerabe to hackers and virus. Just a note.

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