I have an Epson receipt printer which Windows detects as an Epson TM-P2.01. It has worked fairly well, but it is suddenly not working anymore.

Every time a print job is sent to the device, it either spools it, or if spooling is disabled it tries to print it. But when it does this it adds the job to the queue and then it seems to delete it. No jobs have been successful in the last few days. I have restarted the spooler, disabled and re enabled the LPT port it uses, restarted the computer, turned the device off and on... The device has not been using a manufacturers driver in order to print; it has been using some sort of windows default driver. If anyone has some ideas as to solving this problem, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.

So I switched the printer to another computer with the same model that was working... the printer still would not print, and therefore I think it is a failure on the printer's part. I suppose I will be sending it away to be replaced or repaired. Hopefully replaced.

Thanks to all that read my thread.

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