My Pavilion DV6000 stopped charging its battery. It keeps working fine on battery power though. The adapter is ok, the blue light round the dc-jack is on and the cable to the motherboard reports 19 volts. There must be some component on the motherboard that stopped loading the battery and providing the motherboard with electricity. The laptop also stopped working on adapter power. Any help on this forum? Many thanks!

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Open the computer case and check the power jack. Take your battery out and in again and Try reseating the ram chips.

I 've done all that, with no result whatsoever. The fault is obviously situated on the motherboard. Thanks nevertheless.

Well have you try that? I mean the motherboard. What you suggest can be true too. Check the motherboard and tell me if there is a burning smell. The motherboard parts maybe be lose and you need a replacement soon. But don't buy one yet.How old is your laptop?

No burning smell either, jingda. All parts on the motherboard seem ok from the outside...

Have you try a different power adapter? If that does not work too, send your laptop to repair.

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