Okay so I was pulling some hair off my motherboard and bumped the powercable that connects the PSU to the Motherboard (not the 4 pin one, the bigger one that is like 16-pin) any way the system all of a sudden just shut down all I can think is that I bumped the cable lose so I pushed the cable to see if I bumped it lose and turned the system back on and now I have a blank screen. The monitor acts as if the computer was sleeping (you know the power button turns amber instead of blue but the "no signal" never appears). Now when I mean no screen shows I mean their is no POST screen at all, it's pretty much dead. But the thing is the hard drive starts up spinning and all my fans start spinning (the 4 pin molex ones, and the CPU fans which are connected to the board). I tried swapping out videocards and that didn't do (and the one I swapped it out is from the system I am now using to post this). Also all my lights turn on (the power cn one which is connected to the mb). So all I can think of is CPU or Motherboard...please I need help bad! I need this system up and running in 11 days for a LAN party or else I am out $35 bucks. And I am almost positive the DVD drive works. But the PSU works as it spins up my fans and I have some case lights that did light up (I pulled them as I hated them but used for test). PLEASE I NEED HELP ASAP!

Help please!

UPDATE: The keyboard and mouse never have their lights turn on (I have a logitech that has adjust sensitivity that lights up, also I took out all the RAM and then added just one stick in one slot no luck tried another stick in another slot no luck. Also my specs I'll just post a link as they are all accurate on that site (or look at my profile on this site has the stats)



you probably shorted the motherboard. It still has power running through it so your devices will power on, but it sounds like you shorted it somehow. Not looking at your specs, I don't know what kind of video card you're using (AGP or PCIe) but take it out and try the integrated video on the motherboard, or use another type of graphics card (such as a regular old PCI card in a PCI slot.)


try to remove the video card and use the buit-in vga port on your motherboard if there is......

if the problem still the same..try to replace the power supply bcoz sometimes it is a power supplys problem ( cannot produce a right amount of current/electricity to all connected devices..) hehehe just try it..

btw.. did you hear any beeps while turning your pc on?

I don't have an onboard VGA or DVI connection, also I am almost possitive it's not the power supply and it's a 1000W and the light on my BFG GTX 280 is green (takes 300 to 400 Watts) and when I used my other video card it was a Geforce 6800 and uses the motherboard for power, plus 3 of the fans in my case are powered off the PSU, all I can think is that when I bumped that cable loose and plugged it back in I sent a surge threw the system. I can try my other PSU (i got 2 1000W Ultra power supplies cause of a defect issue that I just accidently mistakened for another issue but benefited). But I called ASUS and their sending me a new board...SCORE! (I hope it's the board and not the CPU or else I am screwed)

BTW tried the second PSU no luck

well this is now solved...motherboard, thank god I guess right as I needed this for a LAN party on friday (3 days to spare)

If you are experience with this than try out., itherwise I strongly advice you that see a technician, dont mess your PC.

Why not mess it's a custom build

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