hello i have this Hp Pavillion machine, its is somewhat new and when i was working on it one day, it froze, and when i try to turn it on it just beeps , a long beep for like 10 seconds, and another long after that and it goes like that forever unless i remove the power plug. i opened it tried removing each cables and RAM but the beep wouldn't stop form happening. It only stopped when i removed the cable that gave power to the proccessor . Can someone give me insight on what i should do and which part to buy t replace and get it working again?

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It is very hard to be sure what is causing your problem but it sounds like it is your memory that is playing up. Remove your RAM stick/s and clean the contacts with a pencil eraser, (do not touch contacts with your fingers) replace and check. If you still have problems and you have two or more sticks of RAM, try just using 1 stick and try using different slots.

ok i will try that. i just hope it is only the ram. but im suspecting the CPU might have gone to shits too.

. i tried removing and mix and matching the RAM sticks and putting them in different slots. nothing helped . could both RAM sticks have gone bad at the same time?

Hi again,
I am sorry, I do not understand. Did you try just one in one slot at any stage? "If you still have problems and you have two or more sticks of RAM, try just using 1 stick and try using different slots."
Yes, it is possible that both chips have gone bad together and it is possible that the world will end tonight, but i don't think either is likely.
If you have tried just 1 stick in 1 slot and if you still have a problem try,
unplug every hard drive, CD/DVD, floppy, video card, (plug your monitor into the motherboard socket) and mouse. Remove your motherboard battery for a few minutes and then replace the battery and try and reboot. Hopefully you will get to a screen saying can not find ....If so you can shut down and start to re plug everything back in but only one at a time until you find the hardware that is causing the problem.
If after unplugging everything you still have the problem, it will most probably be the power supply or motherboard. The power supply you could see if any friends have a spare one (with at least 250W) and try that. If no, then you should take your PC to a small repair shop where a technician can check out the problem, maybe while you wait, and advise you what you need to do. If you need a new motherboard, you may need a new CPU and RAM, depends on what you have now and what is available to run it.

It could be your power supply.

Did you make any modifications to the unit when the problem started to occur? Did you change any devices or change any settings? Did you add a device like a usb external hard drive?

If after unplugging everything you still have the problem, it will most probably be the power supply or motherboard. The power supply you could see if any friends have a spare one (with at least 250W) and try that.

Jupiter 2 | 9 Hours Ago

It could be your power supply.

Did you make any modifications to the unit when the problem started to occur? Did you change any devices or change any settings? Did you add a device like a usb external hard drive?

Ok to clear things up. no nothing was added. i opened the case for the first time after buying it. I DID try using just one stick of RAM at a time. I do not think is the power supply cause all the fans run all LED and everything is fine. However what i found out and as i said in my first post is that when i remove the connector that gives power to the CPU , not the CPU fan, the beeping stops while all the other stuff runs. I did try it without harddrive and CD/DVD drive. I ordered another stick of ram online and am waiting for it. Hope fully is just the RAM and i dont have to buy another CPU/Mobo . i will keep you posted.

Just check the Power Supply, antway, because some resellers only put in a standard PSU that will not cope with extra devices like USB attachments. A 600 Watt PSU should do the trick.

I have the exactly same problem. PC is little over 1 year so no warranty (I called HP yesterday) ;-(.
I tried taking out all connectors (one by one and/or all) nothing helped, but when I took out both memory modules the beep was different (one long one short). I heard that (one long one short) is for the memory failure. So I am guessing memory is OK (?) and thinking about buying a new motherboard.
Before that I want to see how you resolved this issue or any comments.

Have you checked your motherboard for what BIOS chip you have? Then go online to get the BIOSBEEP Codes for your BIOS. That should tell you exactly what hardware is causing your trouble. BIOSCENTRAL.COM has the beepcodes on their site.

Sorry I didn't notice about 2nd page of this thread until last night. Thanks for the info.

The beep I have is,
a long (16 seconds) and a pause (11 seconds); and these keep repeating. Bios is Phoenix Bios D686 Bios. (I presume this is same to all Pavilion a6500f?).
I don't find this beep code from the link you gave. Any insight?

Do you have any old parts laying around that you could swap in one at a time to try to find the hardware that is giving you trouble. Sorry the POST CODE link didn't help!

Thanks for quick responses,
no I don't have ones so I need to buy a motherboard to see if that works ;-(.
Also I have tried checking memory, devices, and etc by unplug and back to see if there is any difference. All were same, but if I removed both memory modules the beep code was memory issue (as far as I can see). So I assume memory is OK and the motherboard is wrong.

Same thing happened to me today. The HP frooze and can't be restarted. I suspect a hardware problem. I called HP and they basically told me to go to Hades. I purchased the computer on Dec 2 last year. Three nanoseconds after the warranty expired I have a hardware problem. This will be the last time I buy any more products from HP. In my opinion they are garbage and their product support is terrible

I have exactly the same problem, same pc, i checked the connections, disconnect and connect everything, no additional hardware installed, so if is there any solutions is highly appreciated.

My friend HP Pavilion a6500f is having the same issue. Have anyone find out what's making noise and how to resolve this problem?


I have fixed the PC. Here is I have done.
Bought a motherboard (MSI G31M3 - F V2); they said G31 or G41 would work so I bought the cheapest one from the shelf. I wasn't sure I could fix this so went with cheapest but it turns out this one works very fine.

While doing it, I needed to reinstall Windows (I have Vista in) following the direction from Windows. Even after re-installing the Windows it wasn't working ("System configuration error: code purple). By Googling I was able to fix that issue. HP made some secrete stuff; they have a special check for their motherboard ;-(. See http://www.billoblog.com/?p=152

I am not an expert on computer/motherboard stuffs at all; so I feel lucky to have fix this one. Wish you good luck too.

i had the same prob but mine did not have any beep at all. before it came to dis problem, i encountered blue screen of death but i fixed it with the recovery thingy. so itwas workin fine den i turned it off. when i turned it back on, nothing happens. no beep, signal, etc..

I found solution to this problem, somehow it was the motherboard problem. Even though MB was still able to provide power to go through all the fans and other miscellaneous devices. Replaced the MB, but beware of HP Tatooed system. I think its called "Code purple", after you have replaced the MB run the HP recovery console and make sure get 100% recovered. Depends of what OS you have installed, pull out the HD and get IDE/Sata adapter there's a folder just need to be deleted under HP folder. i don't have the link of where you can find the root but im sure search google and you will find the descriptions.

otherwise PM and ill try to help you in more explanatory way.

What was the solution to your system lockup? I have a friend who has the same system, and I am suspecting the RAM as the system will boot up, then suddenly reboot, and reboot, and some time later will start. When it doesn't do the reboot thing, it does a memory core dump. Oddly enough, I gave her a Ubuntu 9.10 disk and when she boots with that, her system rums fine (Ubuntu not installed on the local hard drive, running the OS from the CD). Any thoughts?

Well a friend of mine gave me his HP Pavilion a6500f with vista 64 bit. It would reboot after a BSOD. I checked the memory and it was 4 gig. Two 2 gig modules. Pulled one out the BSOD went away for a while but the system would lockup and the BSOD would come back once in a while but not as much. Sometimes it would lock up while booting up other times after I logged into the OS, sometimes when I surfed the web. I pulled out the other 2 gig memory and installed a 1 gig but was at a slower speed. The original speed was 800MHZ where the 1 gig was 667MHZ. I ran the system for two days and it did not lock up or have a BSOD. Bought two new memory sticks (2gig at 800MHZ) and the system locked up instantly. I then put in a 2 gig 800MHZ and the 1 gig 667 and the system has been working fine for the last two days. This system is two years old and worked fine until about a week ago. Something changed in the memory area. But I am not a computer engineer and don't have a clue as to why it works at 667MHZ and not at 800MHZ which it is designed to do....

Maybe you could try putting the 800MHZ memory in, but set the bus speed at 667 in the BIOS. Perhaps the system is designed for 800, but a design flaw in the Motherboard could be the problem. HP tends to use cheap parts like most makers. That's why I prefer to build my own, but my friend that owns the computer just wanted a quick "ready to go" system and didn't need any video cards or anything beyond basic. I hope it works as my friend hasn't been able to bring her computer to me yet as her son is on a traveling sports team and she's not often around.

I took out the 1 gig 667MHZ and replaced it with a 2 gig 667MHZ and all is well. The system is now running 4 gig again. I could not find anything in the bios to set the bus speed manually. When I put the new memory module in the system automatically sets the memory to PC2-5300 speed which is 667MHZ . At this time I will return the computer back to my friend, he is going into computer withdrawal. Since it has not locked up or had a BSOD I will considered it to be fixed...

:@ my hp pavillion a6500f froze after my warranty expired. I purchased a 750gb harddrive, was going to install the operating software and HP removed it from the website. if they know there is a problem with the seagate harddrives in their computer HP should leave the programs to allow owners to download and restore computer. This is the first hp i have every owned and will never buy another again.

I bought this same computer with Windows Vista in the fall of 2009. Had some trouble with it occasionally crashing for a while, but was able to Cntrl-Alt-Delete and reboot several times. Then finally after I had the computer a little over a year, it crashed over and over and over again and finally died. Now when it is turned on, the monitor displays a screen that says no VGA/DMI signal input and then it goes into sleep mode. I have disconnected and cleaned and replaced all connections, with no change. My previous HP Pavillion Intel Pentium lasted over 9 years before I replaced it with this HP Pavillion Intel Pentium 4 a6500f computer. I have given up and have bought a used HP computer on eBay. Hope that it will work with my monitor after I receive it.

After having had a good read of this thread, I don't think I will ever buy an HP!!

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