Hey this is my first post and i was wondering if anyone can tell if my computer is graphics card compatiblehere is my system (all the info i know im pretty sure theres more that i dont know about)

its about 2 years old....Dell (Optiplex gx 150,is the make...i guess )
Windows 2000 pro
1.2 Ghz
259mb ram

the reason why i ask is because i got a graphics card with the cd (it was given to me.) I dont know where to plug it in. I did take out 1 of the 2, 4-5 inch chips from its slot and it wouldnt fit....im lost,,,,
please help me i would really really welcome all advice

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WTH, there is no point geting a better card for such a pc. no offence. If you see my other post here, i have a 1.8ghz with a geforce2 and it runs very horribly.

You should upgrade pc's.

And by the way, those dell pc are really hard to upgrade, i wouldnt be surprised if the v card you got was just an upgrade thing, just to add more memory

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