Im not sure if this Q should be on this forum,but I didnt know where else to put it.
so my HP Omnibook 6000, I just bought the Fujitsu MHT-AH MHT2040AH 40GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache Notebook Hard Drive - OEM. THis is a generic HD that i was told was compatible with my HP laptop.

Ive installed it but...
1- screen doesnt turn on, the light on the laptop that shows if the screen is on doesnt light up (only for a second when i turn the computer on)

2- The laptop isnt asccessing the HD... the light on the base that refers to the HD doesnt light up either.

Ive tried re-istalling it but nothing--
SOme one said something about checking the BIOS, Im not sure what that is and how can I acces it when theres nothing on the screen.

PLease help me, If you dont know how to fix it at least tell me whats wrong, Cause I am so lost and dont what is wrong

Thanks so much!!

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Did you try putting the original harddrive back in the machine?

i have but I bought the new HD because the old one stopped working. so when I put the old HD it doesnt work either but I cant help thinking it might be cause its already broken ...


Thanks everyone for all your help and suggestions. Unfortunately Ive tried everything and nothing seems to work. I guess Im just going to have to send it to be repaired. But Thanks Again! :smile:

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