How do all? For quite a while my pc has been making a lot of noise when starting up and then just before christmas and going on holiday for three weeks it started crashing unexpectedly...anyway to cut a long story short I have got the Motherboard monitor program and figured out that every time my pc crashed it was due to overheating. I have since removed and cleaned the AKASA AMD Lo-noise 7 cm fan (up to XP3200) from the case and the CPU diode temperature has dropped from above 80degrees to a stable 55-60 degrees However the fan is not rotating at all. The two things that I need to know are 1.Can I run a test to see if this fan has been burnt out and if it still works? and 2. Where can anyone recommend to get a new one if I can figure out that it is blown? I have seen them reasonably priced online just not with cheap postage. I am a noob to messing around with motherboards so please try and explain things at toddler level in your replies.

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