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Dear Saravanan Babu & Gnair,

I need a help regarding fn key. I have vaio-pcgfx390k and installed XP pro on that. I don't have HKServ.exe app installed (i didn't use sony's disks). Hence i am not able to use the Fn key facility. I searched sony support etc. but of no help. Would it be possible for you email/host the exe/zip from where i can download it. It will be very helpful to me if you can share that app. Please email me the download details to <email snipped>. Or suggest on where i can download/install it from.

with thanks and regards,

I'm using VGN FS 215Z, I can't locate the utility HKSERV or HKSRV anywhere on my C drive!

Please help.......


Ooh, you're all very silly. You silly, silly people.

Just kidding. It just so happens that I have the knowledge you desire. So here we go, kids.


To begin with, on more recent sony laptops (such as the VGN FS line), the service is called 'hkcmd' or something to that effect. So if you are using a sony-made computer, and your hotkeys (like 'Fn' or the 'S1' and 'S2' keys) are working, and you go into the 'Processes' section of the Windows task manager, and you see 'hkserv' or 'hksrv' or 'hkcmd' or any of those in uppercase, it means your hot keys are functioning well and good and fine and everything will be okay, and you can sit back and enjoy a chocolate milkshake at your kitchen table while sifting through your mail or reading the newspaper and everything will be alright.

But there can be problems. Yes indeed. And if you are having problems, read on.

There are two kinds of problems which crop up on Sony Vaio Laptops, one where your computer's hotkeys simply aren't working. Another, which I discovered while visiting a friend's house, is that they have the tendency to make it so occasionally when you type some letters, they come out like numbers, or numbers come out the wrong way, and all that such. Both of these problems are covered in this post.

POSSIBLE PROBLEM #1- I'm using a Sony Computer, and for some reason, my hot keys aren't working, or I don't have the driver for them installed. How do I fix that? (A driver is the software necessary for your computer to be able to 'understand' or 'communicate' with the hardware attached to it.)

If at any point in this answer, you feel that you can 'take it from here' than by all means do so. A lot of this guide is just walking through the process step-by-step and explaining stuff along the way.

You can get the driver for making your hotkeys work by going to and entering in your model number, so you can access sony driver downloads, user guides, Frequently asked questions, technical specs, product alerts, and other stuff about your laptop.

Most of you people already seem to have cleverly decided to figure out your series and model number before asking for help, so you probably won't need to download the 'detect my model' thing, and you can skip the rest of this paragraph. If you don't know your model number, you can find it out by downloading their program, or, if you still have your 'vaio control center' on your computer (which is, don't worry, a helpful thing), you can just go to that. Now I'm not sure how older versions of this were designed, but in mine, you can just click the 'system information' category, and click the little gear icon with 'system information' next to it. And under 'Product information' and 'Model' will be your series and model. Select that on the website using their dropdown menus or such.

Anyway, to get the sony-specific drivers for your computer, or for your hotkeys in general, click the 'Drivers/Software' tab on their page. From there you can get the drivers which came with your computer, drivers which are updates for the ones you already had, or get all the drivers ever for that computer in one 'everything' list page.

Windows can typically use your laptop fine without your manufacturers drivers on it, but it greatly helps to have the actual drivers and hardware management programs which came with the computer, as that usually allows you much greater control and ease-of-use when it comes to using your computer, and much less bugs and errors. So if you erased your computer and reinstalled windows or something, or if you updated to XP from an earlier version (such as with the PCG-FX case listed in this thread) now would be a good opportunity to download all of the drivers. Sony will have a guide on doing that, and plaease do so.

Specifically, if your computer came with something earlier than windows xp, Sony will have a specific page on there for drivers for people who upgraded to windows xp. Sony will have a guide to help you along with this, I don't need to tell you about it, the instructions exist, follow them as if they were the bible, the Qu'ran, and the sacred scrolls of Boshmop the great all put together. In other words, if you updated to, or reinstalled windows, stop reading this post, go to Sony's page for downloading drivers for your computer, and read sony's instructions for 'Windows XP Clean Install' and listen to them.

If you've gotten to this point, it means that:
-You are still using your computer with the Operating System it came with. You did not update to windows, nor did you reformat your computer and reinstall windows via a Windows XP install disk. You're using the computer the way it came.
-Yet for some your hotkeys are NOT working.
If either of these are not true, reread the above half of this post, because you must have missed something.

Anyway, here's how to get the driver for your hotkeys: Now, remember, if you upgraded to windows xp, go to the 'OS migration' page, if not, go to the 'everything' page, and find the ORIGINAL driver that came with the computer for hotkeys, and then the UPDATED version if there is one. The drivers will normally not be specifically called 'Sony Hotkeys' but rather, they will be under a more general, wider-ranging driver, such as 'Sony Shared Library'. If there is a 'Notebook Control Device Driver', than get that instead, because we are assuming that you already have the sony shared library, because we are assuming you did not install windows from scratch or pointlessly delete a bunch of your files. If you are pretty sure that for one of these reasons you do not have the sony shared library, get that first and install that first, and then install any 'Notebook Control' drivers.

After you're done with all of this, restart your computer (if you haven't already) and try your hotkeys out.

Alright??? Are we good? Are we good? We're good? Good!

POSSIBLE PROBLEM #2- I'm using the normal keyboard that's part of my laptop, but whenever I try to type on the right side of my keyboard, (or sometimes) the letter that should come out on the screen (such as 'm') is not there, and instead there's something different! (Like 0 for 'm', or 2 for 'k', or 3 for 'j') I've tried installing new drivers and other stuff, and it's still not working! WHAT'S GOING ON???

Here's yer problem, buddy. Your computer thinks you have the 'Fn' key (otherwise known as the function key) held down right now, even though you don't! You can tell that this is the problem if the letters/numbers which come out on the screen are the ones which are noted on the lower part of the keys you're pressing. And you'll notice that if you actually hold down the 'Fn' key, your computer's keyboard acts as it normally does.

So why does the computer think the 'Fn' key is being held down, even when it's not? Because you have 'Num Lock' on! When you have the 'Num Lock' key on, your computer perpetually thinks that the Fn key is held down.

Here's how to turn 'Num Lk' off if you want your keyboard acting normal again: hold 'Fn' and hit the 'Num Lk' button. (You have to hold Fn while doing this, because otherwise, the computer would think you were trying to press 'Scr Lk', or scroll lock. I don't know the layout of every keyboard of every computer sony has ever made, so it might be different for you.), after that, everything should work normal again. For some reason, Sony Vaio laptops, on the rare occasion turn their 'num lock' on by themselves. It's easy as it can be to turn it back off, it's just that it can be very confusing for someone who doesn't understand the problem.

Alright! We all good? Thanks. Awesome. I gotta fly.

*Vartotojas jumps into a small electric-blue-colored skycar. He flips the top over his head and onto the front, and presses the big green 'AGOGO!' button in the center of the dashboard, which then results in a large "ding dong!" sound. His ship lifts up for a second, hovers, and then vanishes into the endless intracacies of time and space. Left behind is but a vapor trail of light-gray fog, which soon dissapates.*

Your post is very useful for users with Sony Vaio laptops supported in US.

Last month I bought laptop VGN-FS51B with Japan Win XP. Of course I reinstalled OS to English version.

Now I have clean windows xp without any drivers. :(

I asked sony support if there are some drivers for English OS and answer was as follows:
"Please note that we can only deal with Japanese models of the VAIO
domestically. Regarding your inquiry, we are afraid we do not provide any Operating Systems, drivers or application programs on different language bases since VGN-FS51B is intended to make Japan market. Please understand we can provide the support for the PC only under the original condition (with Japanese OS). "

So, regarding your post there is third possibility: you have laptop with clean OS and there are no drivers on and you don't know which model is most similar to yours.

I tried to use drivers from VGN-FS500,520B,530B but it doesn't work.

Any ideas how to resolve this problem (only Fn+key doesn't work)?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Best regards,

Hey Doris how are things.
I too am in Japan, and just bought a vaio vgn-tx50b/b, installed the english OS and share the same problem. The screen brightness, AV player, and volume doesn't work. I have been researching other forums, and it is quite possible that we need an "Hkserv.exe" program to make the hot keys work, though there seems to be some doubt as to whether this program is available through online support.

One poster on another forum was told by sony that it would be on the recovery disk. I checked my processes page, and have no hk.serv.exe, but do have a hkcmd.exe which must be why the scrolling pg up, and down must work.

I am thinking about ordering the recovery disk for the north american version due out this month and trying it from there. Also thinking of heading down to Yodobashi here in osaka with an sd card and trying to find the hk.serv.exe on the Japanese model and copying it.

Does anyone know if I need a serial number to install these disks, as mine I assume would not be recognized as it is a Japanese version.

If so, any way around this?

Doris, if you have found a solution, could you let me in on it?
I will share any info I find out.

I am stumped.
I know it has been done, and there is a Japanese store that specializes in converting Japanese computers to english, but of course you need the recovery cd's (Japanese) and a new windows, and they will do it for around 130 US and all systems should work.

Anyone else have any ideas?


I had the same problem. :-| My FN key doesn't work after I install the Engels version of Windows XP on my Sony Vaio laptop Vgn-TX50B/B. The solution is the next stap
- The orginale drivers from the TX50b/b are the same as th Sony Vaio laptop VGN-tx1HP\w.
- These drivers you can get from the engels site from sony.
- Read the instructions for installation
- Install the drivers
- And the FN en AV etc are working in the engels version.

The VGN-tx1hp\w are not sold in the US there for go to the engels site (EU)

My laptop works fine :p

I am really happy someone has their vgn 50b/b working, good job!
I will try your recomendation soon (travelling right now). What is the link to the sony website that you got the drivers for the vgn tx50b/b it, or ?

Thanks so much for your help!

I tried going to the european website, but my product serial number didn't allow me access to download the drivers and software for that model. How did you gain access?
If your product serial number works, could you send me the numbers so that I could get my laptop working too?

Did you install all the drivers, or a specific one for thne function keys to work? I think it will be the utilities programs.
Thank you very, very much.


I have install all the drivers and utilities. (read the readme file with the drivers) I have also a desktop Sony. I'm working now. I will sent to night the drivers and utilitis or the code to your E mail. (I think the FN and AV key is install with a driver) :p

The problem
I'm using the normal keyboard that's part of my laptop, but whenever I try to type on the right side of my keyboard, (or sometimes) the letter that should come out on the screen (such as 'm') is not there, and instead there's something different! (Like 0 for 'm', or 2 for 'k', or 3 for 'j') I've tried installing new drivers and other stuff, and it's still not working! WHAT'S GOING ON???

Dear Friend / The solution /:)

forget all about the long answer you have from our friends(with all recpict for their opinion). All what you need regarding your problem with typing the numbers instead of the letters (Like 0 for 'm', or 2 for 'k', or 3 for 'j'), just press the key "Pst Sc Sys Rq" it should be next to the Num Lock. If not then press the Fn key and then the "Pst Sc Sys Rq" key again. As for all other explinations, I must say they are right but it is to complicated to understand... My wishes for all of you. thanks

Hi Guys,

I've been trying to fix the same problem using the tips you logged in this forum, but I still couldn't get my hotkeys working.

My laptop's model is VGN-FS45GP (bought from Singapore). OS = Windows XP Pro. The problem started when I installed Windows hot fixes. My recovery CD doesn't include the HotKeys application.

I tried a lot of things already. even got the drivers from
After a number of times of installing and removing and trying out different hotkey installers, i still couldn't get my FN hotkeys to work.

When I run HKserv.exe (after installing it from the above link), I can see the HKSer.exe process appearing in Task Manager and then disappearing. It seems that it couldn't start. I'm not sure what hinders hkserv.exe to start.

I'm stumped. Need help on this badly. Appreciate the help.


apologies.. i meant i'm using VGN-FS35GP.

I called SONY support and they said that I need to reinstall VAIO Event Service application from my recovery CD. I did this but the problem remains.

I am close to reformatting my disk and reloading the factory default installation. I really don't want to do this so I'm still hoping I can find a solution for my problem.

Please help..


Hi Saravanan,
I got the same problem on my VAIO PCG-K76P. I was trying to locate the HKServ.exe in my computer but it is not there. Do you know where could I download it? does any one else know?

Kind regards


Check if HKServ.exe process is running in the Task Manager.
If not execute this program.

Sony’s Hotkey Server is a Keyboard background utility program found on Sony Vaio laptops. Without this Windows program you cannot use some of the Fn+Function-Key key combinations.

Recommendation :
Leave untouched if you are running on a Sony Vaio.

Saravanan Babu

Hi Saravanan,
I got the same problem on my VAIO PCG-K76P. I was trying to locate the HKServ.exe in my computer but it is not there. Do you know where could I download it? does any one else know?

Kind regards

Like I said earlier, the FSGP models do not need the Hotkey.exe program. Sony replaced this with VAIO Event Service application. If in any case this application got corrupted, then you may need to restore from your recovery CD.

In my case, I had to reformat my hard disk and re-install from recovery CD. Good thing I made the CD upon purchase of this laptop. It's sad though that I went to that process of re-instating my Fn keys. Simply re-installing the application didn't work.

Hope this information works..

- J4rs0fclay9

Hi Doris,
I have also the same problem as you, I have just bought laptop VGN-FS51B with Japan Win XP. I tried to install English version OS but the AV player, and volume doesn't work. Have you resolved your problem? if so, could you please inform me how.

Thank you in advance

Hi ,I've spent a lot of time with this problem ,but I fixed it already ..Visit my site and follow the instruction ..Please let me know if you will be successful,send me a message which model you fixed..Good luck everyone ....

<link snipped>


Hi and thank you very much for posting this solution. I spent weeks trying to fix this, and finally came across your thread. I registered on the forum just to thank you.
Following your procedure, I have fixed the hotkey / fn key problem for my Vaio PCG-K66P.


I have tried everything from every forum but was not able to make it work. I have found one simple thing that fixed my problem. My laptop model is sony vaio fs742/w

Vaio event service was not running. I went to start-run and typed in msconfig- under services i placed a check mark against "vaio event Service" and rebooted.

Hope this helps

I have a SONY VGN-S170. Recently, its functions keys started to act like held down every 10 seconds when I was typing. Any idea how to fix it.

Ok Guys, I think I found another solution for Function keys that stop working and backlighting that stays dim regardless of whether it is running from batteries or AC -- upgrade the BIOS.

I have Sony Vaio PCG505 (something like that, is at work) and for a YEAR I couldn't see the screen if not running on AC power. I tried what many of you tried..the Sony hkxxx etc, etc, the Sony Library and many of the original and updated Sony drivers and still no change. Then as it happened my hard disk recently crashed, lost XP, saved data, and upon reinstall using vanilla XP the screen stayed dim irregardless of power source being used. I reinstalled Sony drivers and no difference. Finally I found a floppy drive that worked with Sony and updated the BIOS and full lighting and all function keys working! I decided to blow away the XP partition again and expand it out, and without any Sony drivers installed the backlighting and function keys stayed functional, so the BIOS change is what I believe worked for me, not any Sony specific stuff. Good luck -- hope this helps some of you.

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