Hey i have been having problem with my dell inspiron 1150 for about a week now. Out of nowhere i started getting blue screen of death messages first i got was

"a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevernt damage to ur computer
if this is the first time uve seen this stop error screen, reestart ur computer. if this dscreen appears again, follow these steps:
check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. if this is a new installation ask ur hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates you migh tneed
if problem continues, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. disable BIOS memory options such as chaching or shadowing. if you ned to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart ur computer, press f 8 to select advance startup options , then select safe mode

Technical information:
Stop :0x000000A (0X8780c4ab, 0x000000002, 0x000000000, 0x805500e7"

this would appear out of nowhere while i was running my computer. I would then have to turn the computer off and I couldnt turn it back on again. I mean i pressed the button and i would hear stuff but I couldnt see anything. When i pressed the button to turn it back off it would turn off right away, I wouldnt have to turn it down.

I later started getting other error messages
and some others

Anyway I reinstalled windows and the blue screen of death went away, but I am still having problems.

Id like to note that before i reinstalled windows i tried unscrewing my computer to see if there were any loose parts. I couldnt get all the screws out so that didnt work, and I put the computer back together again. I still feel like it is not screw*ed in tightly because i can kind of lift the top a little bit, so if this is what is causing the problem, please tell me

Anyway the problem: After a few minutes of using the computer, the mouse and keyboard die on me. I cant move the mouse or type anything. I have to turn it off. When i try to turn it back on, the same thing from before happens. I hear some noise but I cant see anything on the screen. I turn it off again and i dont even have to press down for a while, it just shuts off. If i just leave it alone and dont try to turn it off, it shuts down by itself.

Someone told me i might need a new fan, but my computer doesnt feel hot at all. What could possibly be wrong with my laptop? Im really upset its only a year old and the ethernet broke a couple months ago too.

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hmmm ive had the same problem with the blue screen, in both my older PC and my inspiron 6000, but ive havent really fixed the problem, always though it was because i play high-end games that cause the comp to get fairly hot, but for the old PC it happened without games, many have said it was the fan to , but if you say it is only a year old , is the warranty still around??? but taking your comp apart may void the warranty so be careful!!

I found that I got this error on an install of XP Home on a desktop. I systematically stripped each piece of hardware out, until it would install.

I'm beginning to believe that there is a fatal flaw in XP HOME, as there seems to be only XP HOME that does this on the Gigabyte Motherboard.

If my memory serves me right, Win ME ddi just fine. Go into the bios and start disabling features like the nic, modem, etc. One at a time, and maybe you will find out what piece of hardware is causing this error, if it isn't the permission of the faulty XP Home itself.

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