I want to unlock huawei EC156 modem given with tata photon plus. I need change sim card to access other network provider data plans like airtel, aircel etc... please help me

Thank you...

Assuming you completed your contract term with the original carrier, you should go to them to unlock it. Myself, I only get unlocked devices. I had a Nokia that I wanted to unlock and tried one of the online services - it didn't work. Fortunately, I was only out about $10-20 USD for the effort. In the USA these days, I think that the carriers have to unlock the phone/modem if you have fulfilled your original contract that subsidized the device.

its simple to unlock your huawei EC156 modem using unlock codes.you can ask for the network provider to which it is locked to or else you can go for online providers such as [snipped] here all you need to do is just give your IMEI number,country/network to them and they'll give you code to unlock your huawei modem.its easy try it out.

try reset code from service provider and reset it...

Suppliers are generally unwilling to provide unlock codes

Suppliers are generally unwilling to provide unlock codes

In the US they are required to by law if you are either changing providers or your contract is up. Don't know about other countries though...

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