I have an Intel DP35DP and I have some issue regarding the temperature. When playing games the CPU thermal margin drops as low as 15 degrees and the bios alarms sounds. When idle the processor thermal margin is around 40. The problem is that because of the silent technology of the fans or something like that that Intel has implemented the fan's rpms do not exceed 1000 - 1100. It is around 750 rpm when idle.

Question is how can I speed up the fan??

I additionally installed a chassis fan and it reduced the temp fo 5 degrees but with no significant impact.

Something about Intel management engine is mentioned around the internet but it is not compatible with Windows 7 64bit. I managed to install it but only as driver and I see no change.

Also can someone please point out the right spot for placing the CPU thermal probe? In my chasis it is placed between the bars on the upper side of the heatsink.

Can someone present his/her's temps if you own DP35DP?.....and possibly the way they managed to get a big thermal margin on CPU

Any feedback would be great

Firstly, have a look in your bios to see if you can turn off the silent technology there.
Secondly, have you thought about an after market heatsink and fan? You are probably using the stock one.
Thirdly, can your case take 1 or more front fan? If so, putting a fan in the fromt that sucks air in will grealty help with the air throughput of your system.
Fourthly, you need to get your temperature probe as close as you possibly can to your CPU. I managed to fit mine by the heatsink retainer that is mounted on the motherboard so that my probe actually touches the side of my CPU!

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