My friend has a gateway computer. The problem is the following : When she opens her computer's lid, depending on the inclination, there are huge spots of colors that appear throughout the screen. Some times, she can't see a single thing on her screen; she has to change the lid's angle in order for the screen to come back to normal.

With these information, I was wondering if anyone of you could give me a hint as to the problem comes from a bad contact between the screen and some other hardware material or if it comes from something else that I have not thought of.

If the problem is a bad contact, do you think there would be a way to fix it myself by opening the computer or is it a piece that is broken or something like that.

This sort of thing is usually a kinked or shorting flat ribbon cable in the lid/body interface. Needs expert repair.

Suspishio is right. It can also be caused by micro fractures in the lcd surface, which allows the screen to flex beyond where is should normally go. Either one needs to be fixed by an expert.