Hi, I'm new to the forum. I hope that I am doing this poperly.
I currently have a Dell Inspirion 1150. The laptop will not not accept power from the house-power charger (a new one was just purchased because the cable on the old one was intermittent). Here is the way it currently works--with the laptop turned off, charger plugged into the laptop, plug the charger into 120V and the light on the charge comes on, but goes right back off. If you plug the charger into 120v and have the other end not plugged into the laptop the light comes on and stayes on, unless you plug it into the laptop and then it goes off. I did play with it (plugging and unplugging) and got it to work one time last night, and it charged the battery completely, but I have not be able to get it to work since.
Has anyone out there had this problem, if so, what were the corrective measures?


You said you bought it? Is the power supply designed for your laptop or is it supposed to be a "universal" one?

Most of them say "universal" but they hardly are... i have a Gateway 7422gx that is VERY picky with power supplies.

Hi Drew,

The power supply that I was speaking of is an exact replacement...not a universal unit.


humm weird.

I would try to contact the Dell and see if they can tell you anything.

Possible things that could be wrong:
The power jack inside the laptop is defective
The power source you are trying to use is not good enough. Try a different wall plug.
The new power source you bought is probably defective.