Hi back from vacation..
I bought a network cable, and a network card for the laptop..hooked them up all is well.. how to share internet connections? how do I get the modems in synch.. I cant find anyplace to read how to do this..
I have dialup..and it can be done, but how do u hook the two modems together?

Not sure exactly what you mean, Judith. You aren't saying you want both modems to connect at once, are you?

To share an Internet connection, you usually pick one machine to serve up the internet. At that point, you would not use the modem at all in the second machine, you'd use the network card/cable to link to the machine you want to be the machine to serve up the Internet.

Setting up Internet Connection Sharing is pretty simple with Windows XP. With Windows 98 it's not too hard, either. It'd help to know what OS's both machines are running.

Assuming it's Windows XP, and that you have the two PC's networked already, you simply run the 'Set up or change your home/small office network' wizard on both machines, on the machine you want to make dial out you tell the wizard 'This machine connects directly to the Internet, other machines connect to the internet through this computer.' On the second machine, you should pick This computer connects to the Internet through a residential gateway or another computer on my network.'

You can find the wizard I mentioned in your Control Panel, under Network and Internet Connections, just pick 'Setup or change your home/small office network' and follow the above instructions. For the record, it will help if you have the machine that will serve up the Internet finished first. Be sure to have it connected to the Internet when you run the wizard on the second PC, it'll make things happen faster. :)

One last thing: The wizard will ask you to name your PC's, and your workgroup. Be sure you use the same name for the workgroup on both PC's!

I hope this is the info you need. Good luck with it, and be sure to let me know how it goes!

If you're connecting the cable from network card to network card, you'll need a cross-over cable to do so.

DuncanIdaho is correct, you only use the one modem, and one of the machines has to be considered as the 'Host' for the Internet connection. When it's connected to the internet, you can also access the internet on the other system.

You can't have both systems connected via modem at the same time, because the phone line can only handle one call at a time.

If you want to be able to directly access the internet from either machine, without worrying about having a host system running and connected, then simply fit a 'Y' splitter in the phone line running to the PC. You could plug the laptop in and connect up from it directly, as long as the other one wasn't connected at the same time. But to have both together you must have them networked and a host system running.

ok, heres the scoop fellas. I got the network up and running..yah!!!! however, I dont know know to dialup from the guest..I dont know what program to use or how to use it..funny how they dont tell ya that.. one thing says internet gateway, but it acts like there is none on the guest computer.. anyway, how the heck do I find a program that will just let me be host.. i when I set it up it day say host etc.. but I guess i need to find a program of sorts.

You don't dial up from the 'guest'. You connect the host, and the 'client' computer can access the internet via the host.

Run the 'Network Setup Wizard' on the computer which has the dial-up connection configured (the Host) and you can choose to configure 'Internet Connection sharing'.

OMG it works it works it works ty ty ty.. tears of joy.. if I could I would hug u all.ty ty ty..Judith :)

ok glitch.. I have it so it will share a file.. but when I try to access it says denined.. to I have to drag the file I want into a shared place..like briefcase or something? duh

It's designed that way, to protect your files and your system. Only those folders which you yourself specifically set as 'shared' can be accessed from elsewhere. If you want to make particular folders accessible, right click them and change the setting on the 'Shared' tab.

Do NOT do this in your Documents and Setting folder. Do NOT do it to your system folder etc. etc.

Have specific sections where files to be shared are transferred. 'Shared Documents' is as good as any!

You don't want to make your PC accessible to every idiot on the internet asd well, do you?

Truly, Catweazle's got the right angle here. I do hope you have a firewall up on your host machine, if you have File Sharing enabled it.

ty all so much.. what a wonderful thing you all did for me.. Im very happy, and proud to know you all.
Love, Judith

We love you too, Judith! Can I mark this a 'solved' then, I take it?


Aww, thanks Judith. Keep on smilin'. ;)