Actually i am doing my final year project on conversion of fuzzy uml class diagram to fuzzy OWL using fuzzy description logic.But for modelling Fuzzy uml class diagram i need some modelling tool.I have searched in google there was many expalanation on "HOW TO DRAW FUZYY UML CLASS" but no information about "TOOLS FOR DRAWING FUZZY UML CLASS DIAGRAM".
please help me to find this,it will be useful to further extend my project.

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Take a look at this, maybe that's what you are looking for.

Thank you jingda.
what you were given is for "drawing uml diagrams" but actually i need about "drawing fuzzy uml diagrams".please help me to find this

i know nothing about uml diagrams ,but i do know google ,and it shows no programs for doing fuzzy uml,but does show info about Transforming Fuzzy State Diagram to Fuzzy Petri net.and such ,so im thinking maybe its the same program to create all uml,just a technique to make it a fuzzy uml type,
like this info


and more.

Probably a tool like Visio would be appropriate, since I think you can define your own diagram elements with it. I use Sparx Enterprise Architect for UML modeling/design myself, and can find no "fuzzy" reference in the documentation. I no longer have Rational Rose or Tau-G2 (both now owned by IBM) to see if they support it. In any case, you might try IBM's web site. If their UML tools support fuzzy constructs then you can get a copy from them for evaluation purposes that may help. Anyway, here is a link to an article that may help as well: http://www.medwelljournals.com/fulltext/?doi=ijscomp.2009.32.38

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