i installed a DVD RW from an old computer into my new computer but the computer wont recognise it and an error message appears when i start up the computer. in the old computer 3 cables were attached to it and i can only attach 2 in the new computer. any help would be greatly appreciated and i am really struggling to get it working.

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I assume the one that you couldn't plug in was a 4 pin slim cable.

If so don't worry about it.

Well from what I have seen leaving a Drive over a period of time makes it useless.

You can try to Clean the inside by Blowing in it with a can of compressed air. Don't blow with your mouth, you may get it wet.

If the drive doesn't open you can use a pin or a unfolded paperclip and insert it in a small hole right under the tray and pressing the eject button.

i have now got my computer to regognise it (thankyou) but when i try to access it on my computer an error message appears saying:
E:/ is not accessable. incorrect function.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

the Lens may still be dirty, either blow more or to completely clean it out. Or give up on it and get another drive. Which is what I do.

I don't want to give up on it as I have burned somehthing using it but the computer just displays that error message when I try to access the drive through my computer

Wait r u saying, you were able to burn from the drive, but you can't read the same Disc that you burned.

See what happenes is the lens gets Dirty, if you can find a lens cleaner that may help you, but I don't see any anymore.

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