I was surfing the net using my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop when suddenly the screen went black. No Fan noise . Completely dead. I tried everything I knew - disconnected/reconnected the AC adapter, took out and again put in the battery. But nothing works.The power on indicator light does not light up when I press the power button. The green light on the AC adapter glows when I connect it to a wall socket but dims or goes off when I plug into the laptop power socket. what is wrong? what is the solution ? Can somebody advise me?

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That sounds like a hardware fault, you will need to take it to a professional for repair I very much suspect!

agree with rik, but if you are up to it you could remove the keyboard and get to the motherboard and check around the power supply area as some laptops have protection fuses there and if blown give the symptoms you have.

Thanks everybody for their tips . The problem has been solved. It was a hardware problem. Specifically in the power circuit of the mother board of my Dell Inspiron 1501 Notebook. It was repaired by an expert technician and is working now. The repair was quite expensive.

Good news indeed! :) I expect it was one of the surface mount capacitors, a very common issue!

Which one of the endless surface mount capacitors was faulty ?
My motherboard is working if I put charged battery till will be will end.
With power supply does not start and battery is not charging. Not even a light! The power supply plug on motherboard for the external cable is ok. Power supply is ok. I tested it with other laptop,
and fuse FL1 still ok.

Thank you

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