My Sony Vaio is dead, it doesn´t start anymore.
I surfed on internet last night and today in the morning it doesn´t start up. Nothing on screen, no led, no sound, no..nothing. I tried everything, plugged with battery, unplugged with battery, plugged without battery, removed and reinserted the ram etc.

Any idea?

thanks, daniel

Hi There,

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I imagine you've no doubt solved this by now, but here goes just in case.

With any form of power issue on laptop, it's always worth trying a trusty old ATX reset first.
Although basic and slightly boring, it does solve most issues.

You'll need to take all cables out, (external cables) and any sources of power such as the PSU and battery. Note, the PSU must be unplugged not just turned off.

Once all disconnected, you'll need to hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Before plugging the power and battery back in


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