hi! yesterday night, i tried setting my computer on hybernate so i pressed the power button. when i pressed the button again, this morning, it turned green (which is normal) but the computer didnt start. (??)
I have a Sony Vaio VPCEE25f X/BI
My OS is Windows 7

what i notice when i turn it on:
start button is green
makes 2 beeps (normal) when it turns on
screen is black / nothing is showing
*fan is silent* (i really hope i dont have a fan problem though...)
when i try connecting my pc via HDMI to my tv, it says theres no signal
it can turn on while charging and with no battery
it can turn on without a charger too

unfortunately, my vaio warranty expired 1 month ago...

anything else i gotta put down?
please help =(

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Actually one beep is normal. Two beeps could be POST error

What does post-error mean? Is that a hardware problem? What should I do about it

POST stands for Power On Self Test. It's not hardware. Refers to routines run immediately after power is applied, by nearly all electronic devices.

I don't understand how its a POST error? I don't see anything on my screen, its just black. Is there any diagnosis?

UPDATE: I can hear the fan... so i dont think its the fan. umm the scroll, num, and caps lock keys arent lit, and i noticed 2 long beeps (??) but when i checked the beep code there was no such thing. should i take my ram out, clean them and put em back in or something??

Firstly what is your BIOS manufacturer?

hmm i dont know how to find that out :-(

Don't you perhaps have your MB box or doesn't it say on startup?

Sorry for being so noob about this. But can I ask what is an MB box? And it won't startup, that's the thing. The screens just black with nothing on it and when I try to connect it to another monitor, there's no signal.

MB is motherboard. But never mind that. Try taking out your graphics card, if you have one, and cleaning the dust but DO NOT use a vacuum, rather blow it or use canned air of some sort. If this doesn't work then it could be your graphics card that has given up, assuming you have one of course.

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Ah mmkay, it could possibly be that, so ill try it. Thanks!

Always a pleasure

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After you did that and that does not work. Try doing what you said at first. If you have two ram sticks use one first, if you have one ram stick change slot.

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