Hello, everyone. I am knew to this site and I have already learned some stuff :)

but I have this sony vaio laptop... and I tried to reformat it but some stuff happened and it turns out that the CD can not put the BIOS on this computer.... aghh...

But so when I turn on my conmputer

A black screen comes up that says SONY... and the next screen will come and its all black and it says.. Operating System not found.

So...Does anyone know where to get a sony vaio laptop BIOS at?

My model is PCG-V505BX
But it BIOS doesn't have to be that model... I just want so my computer to turn on... Ill get the right drivers and all later...

Thank you all:) and haha I like your smileys :P

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The BIOS comes programmed into a chip on your motherboard. Replacing (reformatting) the OS will not affect this. That first screen that says SONY is actually your BIOS showing the screen.

You are probably not looking for a BIOS, but an OS. You should have gotten an Operating System CD with the laptop. Some suppliers ship without discs, but have a utility pre-installed that you can use to write recovery CDs.

You might have to go back to the place you bought the laptop and ask them to burn you a copy of the recovery discs if you have a system that came with the pre-installed recovery disc creation utility.

hi, if you want to get inside the BIOS of your computer, when your computer boots up, press ESC then you can see which key to press to go inside BIOS, mostly BIOS uses delete key or either F1 key to get through , but BELROG got a good suggestion just go back to the place where you buy u'r laptop and ask them to burn a copy of your recovery disc if possible

after opening my sony vaio laptop, a message appeared as "no operating system was found" so what should i do? please let me know. thank you so much

yea i got the same thing playing around tryiny to mac the vaio with osx f2 at start up will let you play with settings again find reset to factory default then you should be good to go or install your disc if anyone has info on how to get around the bios settings to allow new or different os pls reply thanks for now and good luck

Check the dates, this thread has been dead for 2 years!!!

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