Hi...I have done everything including the hokie pokie with my vaio laptop and it will not turn on :-( A week ago I CTL ALT DEL to lock it, came back to it 2 hours later and it was lifeless. It was on the charger with battery in. I have removed battery and charger and pressed and held down power button (sony's only suggestion)..plugged in charger-no power...battery in-no power...left charger plugged in for a day without battery and last night it came on,however, it first my mouse wouldn't move I let it sit for an hour power on...mouse started working. It still wouldnt allow me to type on the keyboard. I tried the keyless board on the screen and it would type but wouldnt allow me to enter to move foward.... I tried to restart...WHYYYY Now it wont come on! I tried to include everything that is going on. I hope it is clear enough. Thank you for just being intrested in helping me! Please let me mention I only know the basics when it comes to computers so please be paitent with me. Thanks

Hello Hattiemay,
Did you try everything in the sticky "help my computer won't boot"?
It's on the top of the hardware troubleshooting forum, where you posted this post as wel.

From what i could gather, maybe your cooling stopped, and your hardware overheated when you were gone, it would explain why it will boot later on.
after the hardware has cooled down.

If that's the case, maybe sending it back to Sony for repairs would be the best option, assuming you still have any warranty.

oh, an before i forget:
Your post is a bit hard to read, try adding line breaks(enter) and dots etc.
This will also make it more tempting for people to read, maybe giving you more advice.

Hi there...

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FE28B Laptop. I'm fixing it for a friend - just doing a simple format, re-install OS & software etc.

I wiped the hard drive, re-installed Windows XP and then went through installing the drivers, AV and other software. Everything working OK.


I now cannot get the thing to boot up! This is what happens EVERY time I turn it on:

- A couple of clicks and whirrs as if it's about to start up, but then all goes quiet
- No display
- Will not boot

I have tried starting it with the following configurations and the results are all exactly the same as above:

- Battery and AC Adaptor
- Just Battery
- Just AC Adaptor

I have tried booting it in the above various power/battery configuratons with NO RAM and NO Hard Drive attached; still the same

I have tried leaving it running in this state and letting the battery run completely flat and then tried on AC - no joy.

I've tried various things I've read elsewhere such as leaving battery and AC disconnected for a few mins, pressing the power button to discharge the system, then connecting AC back up - but still no luck.

One thing I did notice is that after a while of leaving it in this non-booting state the power light and battery light on the front lip of the case and the light on the actual power button itself all start to flash at the same time. (This could be because the battery is flat?)

When I have the battery connected the battery light on the front of the case flashes; flash-flash--pause--flash-flash--pause-- etc. (This could be standard AC charging flash?)

Does anybody have any ideas about this? It's driving me mad!


Right working now.. Sort of!

- Put 1 memory stick back in (no battery) POST OK
- Put the other memory stick back in (no battery) POST OK
- Put the hard drive back in (no battery) POST OK and boots into Windows.

- Put the BATTERY back in - WILL NOT BOOT ; same symptoms as listed in original post!

- Take battery out - run on AC Adaptor WILL NOT BOOT!

- Unplug AC Adaptor, disconnect battery. Leave for a few mins to check back on this thread. Re-connect AC Adaptor, now booting OK into Windows!

So it would seem that somehow, the battery is causing these problems?

Strange that it was all working OK - it was running fine - I was able to format, re-install OS, drivers and software. Left it turned off for a day or two and suddenly got this problem!?

I wonder what could have happened that would cause such a sudden catastrophic failure of the battery and/or mobo connectors? :S

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