Hi, My Sony Vaio VGN-FZ38M wont boot up, it just freezes on the logo and then says no operating system found, it was dropped yesterday and that is when the prioblems began, from searching google i read that my hard drive might be shot but BIOS recognises that the HDD is there and i have ran Vaio diagnostics and it says no hardware problems found, but when i try to do the memory check it says a problem is preventing the memory check, i have ran out of things to look at and would very much appreciate any help as i know nothing about laptops, Thanks in advance Candice :) Oh and i have tried using my recovery discs but it freezes on disc 2 and comes up with an error code

could you please specify the error code........?
Whether it appears in blue screen..........
could you please paste here the first 3 lines of the error page that you are messing with...

Please note: If your laptop is in warranty period then kindly take it to the service center........ since they can help you better.....

yeah maybe the hard drive is damaged because the computer was dropped or maybe the memory just needs to be reseated. I would try that first to see what happens.

Sorry for my late reply....
Ok! First you test with your memory if that doesn't solve the problem then inserting the OS boot CD try to get in first Repair page and after selecting numeric 1 (it will ask you for admin password if there is password for admin then insert it or if not then press enter)put the password for administrator. then put the command "chkdsk \C" and give it a time to complete the procedure... Might be this will help to resole the issue.

Please Note:
1.) Put the command without inverted commas (").
2.) Also I have mentioned drive "C" in the above command, since, normally OS is installed in C-Drive, so put the drive letter the one that you have installed your OS.
3.) Allow to complete the whole procedure bcoz sumtime it take more than a hour....

Hope this will help you... Once the issue is resolved please mark the query as resolved.

Thanks In Advance,
Praveen P.

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