Hi, i have started building my first computer yesterday with the following...

AMD athlon 64 3200+ CPU
Corsair dual channel 512x2 (whatever lol)
Asus a8n-e mobo
nvidia 6200 OC PCI video card
Seagate HD SATA
X-Infinity case

Anywho, After installing everything, I turn the computer on and the LED's light up everywhere they should, the fans run....but the monitor does not detect any signal...if u press a button on the monitor it says "power save mode move mouse press key" etc. but doing that does nothing... Probably considering that the monitor says that even when its not connected to the computer.

The bulb on the mobo is lit...i think that ensures the mobo is fine......is there any chance it could be the CPU not installed correctly?

what else could it be?

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The CPU wasn't installed correctly. However, I did reinstall it with thermal compound in between it and the fan, but the monitor still gets no signal w hatsoever from the computer. Alternative video cards were tried and still no signal. DIfferent PCI slots were used and still no signal. Can anyone please help?


Swapping monitors with another computer will give you the definitive word on where the problem lies. If the monitor from the newly-built computer doesn't work on the second computer, but the second monitor does work on the newly-built computer, chances are pretty damn good that the monitor is duff.


I have tried my computer on 3 different monitors, none of which work. The techs are telling me to check teh BIOS on my mobo and my CPU. I know the BIOS on my mobo is 1008, I have to find the revision of my AMD athlon 3200+ before i Know the BIOS on that....They listed certain revision numbers that should be compatible witht he motherboard, and they said if it isnt, then I need to flash the BIOS which i do not know how to do yet. I am going to get on the phone wtih them again shortly.


I have to find the revision of my AMD athlon 3200+ before i Know the BIOS on that....

CPUs don'thave a BIOS of their own; the reason you need the CPU's revision number is to check it against Asus' BIOS/CPU compatibility list for the A8N-E mobo. Judging from a quick glance at that list, it appears to me that only rev.E4 of the 3200+ CPU requires the newest (v.1010) BIOS; your techs should be able to verify that for you.

Preliminary information on flashing to BIOS v.1010 can be found here. If you do have to upgrade the BIOS, please pay attention to the fact that the instructions indicate that you need to update the motherboard chipset drivers to v6.65 before updating the BIOS.

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