I have a compaq presario with a Turion 64 chip and 1+GB ram in a 1024 stick and a 256 stick.

The laptop is only about 5 months old and I've never had any problems until now.

I recently got a blue screen (which I didn't read the error code as I used to see these all time on my old computer and thought it no biggie) and had to reboot....

But it won't reboot. at all... Once it gets past the initial Compaq screen it just hangs at a black screen. I have to press the power button to shut down. I can hear the power supply fan but nothing else. The hard drive light flashes briefly at the beginning but never again.

I can get to bios.. I can get to the selection screen to attempt safe mode.. but in all cases it hangs at the next black screen. Safe mode gets through 3 commands before it freezes.

I tried repairing windows and it booted off the CD, loaded a bunch of drivers into memory, and said 'starting windows' and froze up.....

I took it to circuit city to get the data off it and they were able to slave it just fine. He said he could access all the data. The dude said he thought it was a Mobo issue, but was guessing. In any case he thought the hard drive appeared to be fine...

Sorry for the long post. Any suggestions?



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First of all, I'd be looking at some kind of warranty exchange thing going on. I presume you have a warranty, right?

it could be the motherboard. Without voidng the warranty, I'd remove as much from the system as you could, like the optical drive, the hard drive, RAM, wireless cards, etc. Be sure to remove any peripherals, too. Boot the machine up, and see if it gets you any further. If it does, put parts back in until it fails-- the last one you installed was probably the culprit. If it does the same thing with all those parts removed, then the tech was right-- it's probably a bad motherboard.

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