I need a bigger hard drive but I only have 1 bay. Can anyone tell me how I can copy the data across?

I read here http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread33915.html
that HD's come with disks for this.

I bought my desktop from dell years ago - would it still come with a disk? I cant find it so far but it came with stuff like a monitor setup disk. I dont understand how the disk can work - where can it store all that info? I have a windows xp disk.

Would it be possible to transfer the data from my computer (A) to another computer's (B) hard drive? Im guessing via ethernet or something - surely wireless would take days. I have about 35Gig of data and cd writer but not dvd writer. Or is it ideal to install my old hard disk on the other computer (B), transfer data, and then install the new hard disk on (B) to send it back and then move the new disk to (A)? If that's possible?


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Buy a 2-port IDE cable, and let one "hang free" temporarily. Just because you only have 1 bay does not mean you can't use 2 drives.

It's kind of "ghetto", but it will work in a pinch.

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