Can anyone help me with this issue
I need to remove the bridge battery long enough to let the PC drop an administrator Password so I can reinstall an os on the machine
As the unit is now it is useless because it can't find the os
I bought it at a pawn shop, which is why I have no manual for it
Uh right did I forget to mention that I got what I paid for LOL
Oh well its all I can afford LOL
But thanks for any help in advance

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Ok... for this you are going to have to basically take the laptop apart untill you can see the battery. I have seen replacement batteries for your model so basically when you see a battery with 2 wires comming out of it and going to the motherboard you have taken enough stuff off... disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard for a bit... then replace... and rebuild your laptop.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself you will probably be able to find a local shop that will do it for you for a fee.


OK I got into setup but the system tells me I can't format the hard drive because it is networked

can I overcome that without replacing the hard drive?

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