Custom built AMD about 3yrs old, never a problem! I was doing some online gaming the other day and it restarted all of a sudden, didn’t POST, lights and fan came on but no monitor. Also the case switches wouldn’t work, the only way to get it to restart was to pull the plug on the PSU.

So I thought at least, that I was pretty good with computers so I cleared CMOS, did a visual inspection, pulled the ram and the video cards, everything seemed to be in order. Then it wouldn’t boot at all DEAD!!!! I hit up the PSU with a DVM, it’s a little low when just plugged in but it is within range 4.7volts. I’m at a loss, stuck! And I really don’t want to pay both arms and legs and a nut to get it serviced around here!

Any advise/suggestions from here would be great… Thanx in advance…

I was doing some online gaming the other day and it restarted all of a sudden

This part of your post concerns me. Since you said that you checked your machine visually, and you said that it would not do a POST, then I am led to believe that you have a virus. Especially if you were playing a "game" that required active x or some type of download. Also, i think it would be a virus if you had never been to the site. I would recommend taking out your hard drive and adding it to another computer (preferrably one that it would not be devistating if the virus jumped systems, it is unlikely though) and run a virus scan of the second hard drive. Make sure that you add the drive as a slave and secondary boot device. Hopefully it will find and detect the virus. If not, one of your system components may have malfunctioned, and it may require replaceing or service. I hope this helps! Let me know how it turns out!!!

Thanx for your response, the online game was WoW, a trusted MMORG. I'm pretty sure it's hardware related.