Hey everyone! I have a rather annoying problem with a custom build pc. I reciently upgraded to a new gigabyte motherboard. Everything went fine, and it runs great. However, when i go to start shutdown or hit the power button, the computer goes through the shutdown procedure, but then instantly kicks back on, as though i'm resetting the system. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

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Could a fine number of things, suh. Let's try some fixes:

1.) The Gigabyte board may be faulty, in this situation. Doubt it, pretty odd scenario. Nonetheless I've seen a computer act like this after its motherboard got busted in a power surge. (The computer in question couldn't boot.)
2.) The motherboard button interface pins work as a circuit. Essentially, pushing a button should close it, and then the computer knows to boot. Your button may be sticking or creating a perpentual boot in this way. Try looking in there and detach the power pin connector; stick something metallic between the two power pins to create the circuit and see what happens when your computer boots and shuts down.
3.) The BIOS is somehow configured to treat shutdowns as restarts? (A remote guess.)
4.) Try resetting BIOS, or upgrading it. Always a good fix.

That's all I got, but best of luck. Never had a Gigabyte, and if this thing's truly faulty, you could turn off the power supply or unplug it to prevent booting. Even better, you could try sending it back to the distributor. :)

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