I have recently formatted my hard drive as i was having problems with windows system files.
But now, when i try to re-install windows, i can not create a partition larger then 129GB when my hard drive is 250GB.
I triede to install windows once just on this 129GB partition but did not run as smooth as before i started my formatting.

If anyone has any idea of what is going on or how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated.

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check the disk for errors. if it was functioning fine before, id go with the disk being bad. try deleting and recreating the partitions


I was thinking this is the common >137Gb restriction Windows imposes on drives, and the 129Gb is a little low, but suspiciously near this restriction (some computers, like my own, had to deal with this restriction by simply downloading Seagate's "Reg48BitLBA" for Windows @ http://seagate.com/support/disc/utils.html
I fully recommend http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ for your situation, it's a great set of tools on bootup for fixing drives and partitioning them ahead of time. You'll want the "UBCD Download" link off to the left, and the ISO format download.

Now... if you are not knowledgeable in burning the ".iso" format onto disc, I would acquire a demo version of Nero onto your functioning machine and, searching through the SmartStart application, you will surely find a "Burn CD image" or similar button. When it asks for you to search for the disc image in question, no doubt find the downloaded .iso and let Nero burn its magic (make sure you're looking for ISOs, not just NRGs when searching through your machine).

So, the tools on the bootup disc are fairly comprehensive, run some tests and partition your drive as you see fit. In Windows installation, you won't have to mess with partitions in that way; you'll just have to reformat them. If you have any specific problems running UltimateBootCD, reply back.


Well, looks like the ISO format isn't available, in which case you can skip the Nero and get yourself a copy of the executable. :P

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