i dont know much bout computers, but i need help fixing one
i was messin around with the pins in my computer (award something or other, with a p3) when the processor fan sparked and stopped running.. and started smelling bad

it worked but the fan wouldnt turn, so i tried to pull the fan out and replace it with another one from another computer, but in the process of trying to pry it out with a screwdriver and pencil, i think i accidentally jabbed my motherboard. I replaced the fan, and accidentally left the ram out (had to remove it to get the fan out) and it started beeping.. so i replaced the fan with the old non-working one, put the ram back in and now my computer wont start (the leds are always on - even when the computer is "off", the harddrives + cd drives start up and everything seems to be working properly except for the fan, and theres no beeping sound, and no signal to my monitor)

any help would be greatly appreciated, fast too please im on a deadline T_T

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If you were messing with the pins while the machine was on, you've blown your mobo and have to get a new one. If not, try removing the BIOS battery and reinstall it after half an hour. If this doesn't work, get back to us and we'll go from there.

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